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Asset Management


The asset management and restructuring department of International Finance maintains an active oversight responsibility for itself and various other clients. We have client agreement and are committed to reducing the multi-million dollar energy cost of these assets. This is our main source of a rapidly growing internal demand for renewable energy. As a bonus our Asset Management professionals are equity financing and tax advantage experts and can provide that service to all of our partners. We currently own or manage thousands of buildings in need of renewable energy solutions.


Asset Management Energy Opportunities

International Finance is organized on a limited partnership basis and executes projects in various industries including construction and real estate, and wants to diversify.  The goal of the group is to acquire an interest in 10 mega watts of solar power annually, of which 3 mega watts would be used for internal consumption for building roofs and windows owned by the group. The remainder would be used through their extensive industry contacts with other large property owners.


Tax Credit Financing

We will be responsible for identifying tax credit and other renewable incentive opportunities. We will facilitate take out funding and distribute the tax advantaged instruments in the after market or through our industry contacts on a private basis. Bottom line our manufacturing and BOS partners and customer projects receive immediate funding and we market the long term financing elsewhere.



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