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We believe in solar and as consumers and governments around the world strive to reduce the cost of energy and reduce the production of harmful greenhouse gases we believe they will to. We are located in California, which has positioned itself in the near term to become one of the worlds leading generators of electricity from solar energy. We are uniquely qualified by location and expertise to benefit from that positioning. We however, also have interest an expertise in many areas of the world where sun hour windows are large enough to generate profitable interest in solar.



Concentrated Solar Appliances (CSP)


While not tied to any one solar approach we are impressed by the strides being made in the efficiency and cost of solar collectors and heat engines. Our major business opportunity is the installation of CSPs on grid-connected commercial rooftops. As such we are looking for innovative products and systems that would maximize that opportunity. Our goal is to produce/install 10 mHw per year starting in the near term. Much of it initially will be for internal consumption so the overall figure will grow considerably in years to come. At this time we are only considering solar projects and systems of 25 kW and above.





Our focus is on non-crystalline based, low maintenance, and malleable BIPVs with efficiencies in the 35-40% range or greater. They will be sold and installed worldwide, but mostly in Europe, India, China, and the USA. Our internal demand will be from our India and USA clients.



Building Membranes


The major BIPV products we are interested in are those that are retrofit compatible and efficient, and also can be used for new construction. This interest comes from our own needs and the needs of current clients.



Balance of System


Of special interest to us are concentrator approaches that reduce the number of PVs needed per square meter of rooftop, hybrid systems that work in conjunction with other technologies such as wind, and all solutions must be connectable to grid systems for back-up.



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