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Our capital model and tax advantaged approach allows us a certain flexibility and continuity not otherwise enjoyed by other venture companies. We can fund companies at the very early stages and stay with them long term. We appreciate innovation; place emphasis on relationships and people; are committed to intelligent execution; and want you to run the company.



Embrace Innovation


By developing a vision of the company and where the market will go, International Finance not only helps establish businesses but allows you to access other companies that can help accelerate growth and add value. We look for strong business models that are based on real business value, growing markets and defensible technology. International Finance realizes that not every start-up or early stage company has all the tools to be successful at the time of investment. But by embracing the vision of the business and the market, we can build a world-class organization from the ground up.



Partnerships and People:


The relationship between International Finance and entrepreneurs is based on a sharing of ideas. We look for strong, committed management teams with clearly defined plans to build shareholder value and demonstrate the ability to execute on that plan. International Finance doesn't just invest in companies, we invest in people, the heart of any successful enterprise. Through these people come the dedication, passion, and drive that will ultimately determine the success of our business.




Moving from vision to execution is what International Finance values most. We work with entrepreneurs to assist in the heavy lifting of creating great companies. Lack of execution is the reason companies fall short of their promises, International Finance does not let that happen. We view execution as not simply tactics, but a system of getting things done though questioning, analysis, and follow-through. A discipline for meshing strategy with reality, aligning people with goals, and achieving the results promised.




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