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Our EnergyModule® is a modular integration of various vendor and proprietary components, which produce hot water, space heat, A/C, and electricity on any scale from a 80 unit apartment buildings to block long commercial buildings and multi-block malls and industrial parks. Our collector systems fit on the roof or can be adapted to terrestrial locations. Our receivers PV modules and heat engines can be roof mounted or terrestrial or building internal. 

We use either vacuum tubes, parabolic or trough collectors depending on project needs. Nighttime and cloudy day operation is facilitated by our thermal storage units and multi-fuel heat engine capabilities. Our receivers are fluid based with extended heat storage capabilities.            

While some of our applications use PV, most generate electricity by utilizing generators powered by heat engines. All of our systems can be grid tied for back-up and peak time usage. While there is no system-specific upper limit on electrical generation most clients are requesting 25kW to 200kW systems. Our control panels, inverters, intermediate burners, boilers and energy storage facilities are all the product of mature, reliable technology. Their reliability and mean time between maintenance cycles are amongst the best in the business.



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