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International Finance's business strategy removes the financial barriers and risks usually associated with the installation of leading edge technology. There are no capital cost for the installation of our systems. We provide guaranteed discounts against grid power rates. Our solar assisted steam hybrid systems provide lighting, space heat, hot water, a/c, and electricity; you decide how much, we take care of the rest. We have taken a modular approach to supplying the energy needs of our clients and as a result we are able to customize a solution for each unique application. Because of this and the other unique advantages (easily integrated into new or existing infrastructures, and adaptable for new applications) of our EnergyModule system, we can offer commercial/industrial customers the following value proposition:

  1. Minimal Up-Front Cost - The major obstacle to the implementation of renewable energy solutions has been cost. Our financing strategy eliminates that issue for our clients. We allow our clients to install a renewable energy system with no capital investment; there is no financial risk; and as a result we are becoming a leader in bringing solar technology to the commercial real estate market.

  2. Always on - 24 hour energy provision in conjunction with either the grid system and/or on-board solar energy storage facilities.

  3. Reduction in Utility Bills - Our rate is based on discounting (and fixing) your current grid rates by 20% for metered electric and heat energy (which over a ten year period would have a present value discount of more than 65%, based on anticipated rate increases).

  4. Stability - Fixed 10-year rate contract at our discounted rate (electric and heat energy).

  5. Turnkey Single source responsibility for design, installation, maintenance and billing.

  6. Grid Connected Continued service by current electric & gas company for balance of energy.

  7. Service Reliability Protection from service interruptions by our redundant system design.



We own the power generation system but you "own" the power; there are no capital finance or power availability risks. You only pay for power used at a deep discounted price from your "old" utility rate. As an added bonus you help us reduce greenhouse gases and ensure a healthier environment and quality of life for future generations.


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